Junee Participating NFPs and their Projects

These are the organisations that have been funded through IRCF and their projects. There have been many other organisations contributing to the program, some of which are pictured in the gallery below.

Junee Collaborative Toolbox Projects

Shared Portable Terminals for Event Success

Riverina School Boys Football Carnival received $9,019 to purchase EFTPOS terminals to be used as a shared community resource.

Digital Capacity Culmination

Junee Roundhouse Rail Museum successfully applied for a Toolbox Grant of $23,600 to deliver a series of Digital Capacity Building Projects.

The Riverina Schoolboys Football Carnival

Round 1 – Public Address System Installation

Junee Business and Trades Inc (JBT)
Junee Business and Trades Inc (JBT)

Startup Grant – Community Liaison Officer
Round 1 – Junee Community Events Trailer
Round 1 – Community Development Presentations
Round 2 – Grants Officer and Projects

Junee & District Historical Society
Junee & District Historical Society

Startup Grant – Yesterdays Stories through Tomorrows Technology

Junee Community Centre Inc

Startup Grant – Funding Strategy
Round 2 – Subsidy for Centre Manager

Riverina Working Equitation Inc

Round 2 – Showground user group strategic planning

Junee Senior Citizens Club
Junee Senior Citizens Club

Round 1 – Saving the Senior Citizens Hall

Junee Hostel for the Aged

Round 2 – Modernise Aged Care for Junee

Rhythm n Rail Inc

Round 1 – Junee Community AV

Junee Community Power Inc

Round 1 – Invest in the Junee Community Circular Fund
Round 2 – Junee Community Circular Fund

Regional Heritage Transport Association Junee

Round 2 – Moving the Roundhouse into the 21st Century