Junee Community Centre Inc

Junee Community Centre (JCC) was established in 1988 and is a small not-for-profit organisation with the mission of investing in people and resources to improve well-being and community connections. JCC employs 11 part-time staff and is governed by a volunteer management committee.


Funding Strategy for Junee Community Centre Inc

Startup Grant Round

Supported with $21,000 to establish organisational revenue generation and develop organisational capacity by engaging a consultant to develop a fundraising strategy for the Junee Community Centre.

Subsidy for Centre Manager

Round 2

Supported with $140,000 to subsidise the position of the JCC Manager to work on the business freeing up time to work on compliance, reputation and sustainability of the organisation.

Financial Sustainability and Responding to Community Needs

Round 3

Supported with $33,648 to improve sustainability through focused activity to strengthen financial systems, enable land acquisition and scoping towards the development of a Community Hub.

Community Hub Think Tank and Feasibility Study Part A

Toolbox Grant

Supported with $27,490 for the exploration of the feasibility of a physical community hub to provide a safe, non-triggering neutral space for persons, groups, organisations and service providers to meet.

Community Development Officer Position

Toolbox Grant

Supported with $23,695 to support the organisation to build on the work implemented by IRCF over the life of the program through the employment of a Community Development Officer and an IClick2Learn membership.

Delegation to the Social Impact in the Regions Conference

Toolbox Grant

Supported with $4,826 to support a professional development opportunity for two Junee delegates to a conference offering learning and networking to strengthen current and future initiatives for the Junee NFP sector.