Junee Community Power

Junee Community Power Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to save households in Junee Shire from rising energy costs. Formed in 2017, the organisation is governed by six volunteers and supported by more than 20 volunteers.


Invest in the Junee Community Circular Fund

Supported with $14,600 to increase organisational capacity by saving operational costs for community organisations through investing in two solar systems to kickstart a circular fund for community-owned electricity generation in Junee Shire Council.

IRCF Priority: Systems

This project is about future proofing the community. The more power production in a community, the more energy resilient it’s going to be when we have climate change issues. 
This project will be ongoing, long past when we are here and if we have set it up right our only issue will be getting the young ones to take the project over.
The most positive outcome has been seeing solar panels go on.
When you look at the community centre, half of its electricity is coming from the solar panels, which is a significant saving.
We are wanting to look at electric car charging ports in the future and how the local not-for-profits can use this as income source.
Junee Community Power Inc., Dennis Lambert