Toolbox Grant to Explore Community Battery Feasibility

Junee Community Power received a $24,950 grant through Toolbox Funding to explore the feasibility of a community battery to help strengthen their financial viability through the reduction of power costs using solar PV systems.

Established in 2017 Junee Community Power (JCP) is a dedicated volunteer organisation committed to advancing environmental outcomes in the Junee Shire. With the goal of making the region carbon neutral and energy efficient, JCP is taking a significant step forward in collaboration with Indigo Power to support the installation of a community battery in Junee. This initiative aligns with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) Community Batteries Funding Round 1, which has allocated $120million for eligible projects. To be considered for an ARENA grant, a feasibility study is required, and through this Toolbox Grant, JCP will be able to deliver this feasibility study and use it to leverage future granting opportunities.

The primary objective of the feasibility study is to asses the viability of hosting a community battery and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Junee. By conducting a comprehensive analysis, JCP aims to position itself and the broader community to apply for the ARENA opportunity and future grant programs effectively. The study will provide valuable insights into the suitability of potential sites, system design, financial performance, and operational considerations.

The feasibility study is an integral part of Junee’s commitment to enhancing environmental outcomes for its residents. Additionally, it supports the non-profit sector’s efforts to embrace renewable energy solutions, freeing up financial resources to further their individual goals. The study’s finding will align with the Renewable Energy Action Plan (REAP) hosted by Junee Shire Council, contributing to the council’s overarching objective of making Junee a sustainable and attractive place to live and visit.

Through this project, Junee Community Power, is embarking on an important journey to make Junee Shire carbon neutral and energy efficient. The feasibility study for community batteries and EV charging stations will provide crucial insights into the viability and benefits of these renewable energy solutions. With the study aligned with Junee Shire Council’s renewable energy plan, JCP hopes this will be a major step towards a sustainable and vibrant community. The study’s outcomes will lay the foundation for a prosperous future, where Junee residents can enjoy the environmental and economic advantages of clean energy.

What is the Toolbox of Support?

Toolbox Grants are only available to previously funded applicants to the IRCF program that are looking to lead a project that supports multiple organisations working on common capacity issues.  Funding is available through a simple rapid response grant process to respond to shared capacity issues that are present throughout the program and need to be acted on in a timely manner. You can explore the Toolbox Guidelines to see if your project can be supported through this mechanism.