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Toolbox Funding

Nambucca Valley Learning Together – The Valley Hub

26 September 2023

Lead organisation, Bowraville Innovative Social Enterprise Precinct (BISEP), are the lead organisation in this toolbox grant, receiving $73,653 to facilitate a scoping and feasibility study into an operational...

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Exploring Governance Training through Nambucca Valley Toolbox

5 July 2023

As the IRCF program begins to wind down in the Valley, organisations are exploring what sustainability looks like for the NFP sector to continue to thrive. This Governance piece will be directed...

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May Evaluation – Community Insights Nambucca Valley

17 May 2023

The IRCF Team hosted a couple of events in the Nambucca Valley as part of the May program evaluation cycle. First up was a workshop exploring the impact of the IRCF program and what comes next. Our Program...

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IRCF Learning Together – Nambucca Valley

29 March 2023

For NFP’s in regional Australia, human TIME - be it that of staff or volunteers - is their most valuable resource. Today as part of the IRCF program in the Nambucca Valley local NFP’s heard firsthand...

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drawing of a toolbox with the words toolbox funding

Toolbox Project Approved for Nambucca Valley

7 April 2022

The most recent Nambucca Valley Roadmap identified a shared need for skilled and capable office bearers in NFP organisations. In response to this, Miimi Aboriginal Corporation successfully applied for...

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IRCF Program Featured on Podcast

10 February 2022

The IRCF Program was the subject of the Philanthropy Australia podcast as FRRR program managers Nancy Sposato and Ali Mudford spoke about the impact of the IRCF program in Junee, Leeton and Nambucca Valley...

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