Exploring Governance Training through Nambucca Valley Toolbox

As the IRCF program begins to wind down in the Valley, organisations are exploring what sustainability looks like for the NFP sector to continue to thrive.

This Governance piece will be directed by organisations wanting to engage and invest in understanding the diversity of Governance options in the valley and how NFPs can work together to attract and retain strength and skills-based boards. A working group of organisations, the majority of these being NFPs, will connect to look at how we engage in Governance in a beneficial and meaningful way. Funds will facilitate a space for this to happen as well as connect with skilled consultants in areas that the working group identifies.

Through this process, BISEP will also share their experience in their own Governance project and a Governance library of information that was created as part of their journey. BISEP looks to develop itself in this process as a cornerstone for ongoing support of Governance in the valley and will work with expert consultants through this process fostering experiential learning – this will allow continuing support in the area of Governance for the Nambucca Valley and support networks for years to come. FRRR has already identified a number of organisations wanting to be involved and BISEP will use The Valley HUB and its networks to include as many NFPs as practical – the current list is not exclusive.

The hope is that this project will lay the foundations for organisations to work together going forward around Governance and a longevity process that will foster meaningful engagement in this area.

What is the Toolbox of Support?

Toolbox Grants are only available to previously funded applicants to the IRCF program that are looking to lead a project that supports multiple organisations working on common capacity issues.  Funding is available through a simple rapid response grant process to respond to shared capacity issues that are present throughout the program and need to be acted on in a timely manner. You can explore the Toolbox Guidelines to see if your project can be supported through this mechanism.