Shoalhaven Health and Arts Incorporated

SHAA is a volunteer-led and managed organisation formed in 2019 that aims to explore, expand and extend mental health literacy and death literacy through conversations, training and contemporary performance processes. They deliver artist-led community projects in collaboration with other local NFPs, deliver Mental Health First Aid training, and offer fee for service production assistance.


Website and Outreach

Supported with $10,000 to create community awareness of the program of Arts & Health activities being developed for the Nowra community by the newly formed organisation – Shoalhaven Arts & Health Inc through the development of marketing and communications channels designed to reach those with lived experience of recent bushfire trauma and the local services that support them.

IRCF Priority: Systems

Capacity Building for SHAA’s Future

Supported with $14,112 to strengthen the capacity of SHAA to respond to community demand for their mental health, arts and events expertise by paying wages for the currently volunteer-based managers, who founded the organisation to enable them to dedicate their time to development of the organisation strategy and operating model.

IRCF Priority: Strategy