Leeton Jumpstart Fund Inc

The Leeton Jump Start Fund was formed in 2003 to assist and support local residents in the Leeton district affected by sickness, accident, tragedy or death.
Since that time the committee has raised over $650,000 and helped over 700 local residents and families in times of crisis or need.


Leeton Jumpstart Coordinator

Round 3

Supported with $44,718 to build capacity in fundraising, marketing and the delivery of mental health first aid training for Jumpstart’s volunteer panel and other local NFPs dealing with crisis through the employment of a coordinator.

The Transformation of Leeton JumpStart Fund

Round 4

Supported with $38,980 to begin operationalising strategy, diversifying revenue, and upskilling volunteers to future proof the Leeton Jumpstart Fund.

Delegation to the Social Impact in the Regions Conference


Supported with $2,575 to support a professional development opportunity for Leeton delegates to a conference offering learning and networking to strengthen current and future initiatives for the Leeton NFP sector.

Jumpstarting the Revival

Leeton Jump Start is a charitable organisation that raises funds and provides emergency support to people in the Leeton and surrounding communities. The organisation had struggled with a lack of volunteers and resources, and was at risk of becoming non-viable. However, the IRCF Partnership grant provided them with the funds to employ a coordinator who could help them build capacity in fundraising, marketing, and mental health first aid training.

With the help of the coordinator, Leeton Jump Start was able to develop systems and processes for fundraising, improve governance structures, and upgrade their equipment and space. The organisation also shifted their approach to grant applications and started targeting bigger grants. They were innovative in their fundraising approach, creating sponsorship packages for businesses to support the organisation.

The impact of the grant has been significant for Leeton Jump Start. They were able to relieve volunteer fatigue and increase morale and momentum, raising over $25,000 in events and activities. They also received $38,000 in sponsorship from local businesses, and estimated that the in-kind support from the Jump Start team was worth $176,250.00 in the last 12 months.

Partnerships with Leeton Connect (IRCF funded organisation) and Leeton Council have also been critical to the success of the organisation. Leeton Connect brought together a meeting where a new committee was formed, and provided template policy documents for Leeton Jump Start to adapt for their use. Leeton Council provided HR support for the Coordinator role.

Key Leeton Jump Start team members also participated in the IRCF NFP coaching program delivered by SEFA Partnerships, which helped them review what they were doing and solve problems they were facing. They improved their information systems and communication to the community, and implemented a calendar of events so people know what’s coming up.

Through participation in IRCF Roadmapping events and with support from the IRCF community facilitator, Leeton Jump Start identified a need to identify duplication and efficiencies between their organisation, Leeton Connect, and Leeton Business Chamber to support future sustainability post IRCF. In 2022, Leeton Connect secured IRCF Partnership funding to engage expertise to support the three organisations in this work.

Overall, the IRCF Partnership grant has been critical to the success and sustainability of Leeton Jump Start. The injection of funds to employ a part-time coordinator has helped relieve volunteer burnout and build capacity in fundraising, marketing, and mental health first aid training. Partnerships and participation in IRCF programs and events have also helped the organisation develop processes and systems, and identify areas for collaboration and efficiency.