Junee Senior Citizens Club

Formed in 1968, the Junee Senior Citizens Club is governed by a committee of nine and supported by a volunteer base of 42. They provide social opportunities for the elderly, and works to facilitate a strong, socially cohesive ageing community. They operate the Junee Senior Citizens Hall and run events and activities from here.


Saving the Senior Citizens Hall

Round 1

Supported with $13,000 to reduce volunteer fatigue, build the capacity of the Junee Senior Citizens Club, and assist the wider community by supporting the Junee Senior Citizens Hall upgrade.

The organisation reflects on the impact of the project:

“The funding has been a great asset to our organisation as our hall was in desperate need for repairs.
It means a lot for the community as the hall will now be more usable for different activities by all the community.
At present, some people don’t know where the hall is. But with this funding it will become a great asset to the town because it is right in the middle of town with disabled parking, safety ramps and air conditioning.
Once it is all finished the newspaper have offered to do a spread for us to advertise our facility and you never know, we might even get more members.”

Junee Senior Citizens Club, Paula Holdsworth Barbara Guthrie