Toolbox Grant to Facilitate Conference Attendance for Nambucca Delegates

ShoreTrack was the lead organisation who received a $2,567 grant through Toolbox Funding to support a professional development opportunity for four Nambucca Valley delegates to attend the Social Impact in the Regions Conference. The opportunity offering learning and networking to strengthen current and future initiatives for the NFP sector.

The grant will support delegates from ShoreTrack, Bowraville Innovative Social Enterprise Precinct (BISEP), Unkya Local Aboriginal Land Council and Jaanymili Bawrrungga. Throughout their IRCF journey, these organisations have continually sought to explore opportunities to collaborate and strengthen the NFP sector. They have pursued opportunities for professional development, networking, and learning from the experiences of others. Subsequently, when the opportunity to attend the Social Impact in the Regions Conference in Coffs Harbour arose, they applied for Toolbox Funding to facilitate attendance at the Conference.

Connecting with other communities and organisations can be a catalyst for growth and improvement. The Social Impact in the Regions Conference offered a platform for Nambucca delegates to engage in face-to-face discussions with like-minded professionals, share their experiences, and learn from the successes and challenges faced by others in the realm of social impact and community development.

With delegates from across the IRCF communities, the conference also facilitated a networking opportunity for the organisations to begin to establish an alumni of program participants.

These connections, built through the conference, provide a foundation for implementing innovative strategies in Nambucca, tailored to meet the specific needs of the community. By bringing back fresh perspectives, knowledge, and ideas, the delegates aim to empower community groups to channel their efforts more effectively and focus their support where it’s needed most.

Additionally, the conference will expose the Nambucca representative to a host of subject matter experts. They will have the chance to engage with experts who can provide valuable guidance and recommendations for future initiatives. This knowledge exchange can significantly enrich the strategies and approaches employed by Nambucca NFPs in their ongoing community endeavors.

What is the Toolbox of Support?

Toolbox Grants are only available to previously funded applicants to the IRCF program that are looking to lead a project that supports multiple organisations working on common capacity issues.  Funding is available through a simple rapid response grant process to respond to shared capacity issues that are present throughout the program and need to be acted on in a timely manner. You can explore the Toolbox Guidelines to see if your project can be supported through this mechanism.