IRCF Learning Together – Nambucca Valley

29 March 2023

For NFP’s in regional Australia, human TIME – be it that of staff or volunteers – is their most valuable resource.

Today as part of the IRCF program in the Nambucca Valley local NFP’s heard firsthand from Jill Ashley, Business Manager from local organisation ShoreTrack and local consultant Stephen Saunders from Savvy Strategy about how a management operating system (MOS) to monitor progress in key areas (listed below) and decision making tools have enabled them to stay clear to purpose and increased their fundraising success.

Shore Tracks MOS Key Areas (these can be tailored to suit an organisation)

  1. Prospecting (new partners, clients building relations external)
  2. Funding and business case
  3. Marketing
  4. Team management
  5. Systems development
  6. Reporting – Board and Executive

One decision making tool that was suggested was Edward DeBono’s 6 Thinking Hats, which offers groups (i.e. boards, staff) a method of considering an item through different ways of thinking. It is a simple and effective system that increases productivity. There are six metaphorical hats, and each defines a certain type of thinking.  

Session participants reflected on the MOS as a strategic plan in action, as opposed to a dusty document that sits on the shelf.

IRCF in the Nambucca Valley, Junee and Leeton will culminate in March 2024 and we will be seizing opportunities like this for organisations funded through the program to share their learnings both digitally and face to face within and between communities.