Bay & Basin announced as an IRCF community

In 2020 the IRCF program was rolled out on the South Coast in the communities of Nowra, Ulladulla and Batemans Bay.

The South Coast IRCF program attracted significant interest from organisations in the Bay & Basin region, indicating both engagement and need from not-for-profits (NFPs) in Bay & Basin.  

To adequately respond to this need, $600,000 in additional funding was successfully sought from the Bendigo Bank Community Foundation through their Bushfire Recovery grants. This allowed the IRCF program on the South Coast to expand to include Bay & Basin in the IRCF program.

In order to deliver the IRCF program as efficiently as possible an adapted delivery plan was developed to “catch-up” the Bay & Basin communities with the rest of the South Coast IRCF cohort. A four-year version of the program was developed that skipped the start-up grant phase, and launched with community roadmapping and the partnership grants.