Ulladulla and Districts Community Resources Centre Inc

The Ulladulla and Districts Community Resource Centre is the local neighbourhood Centre, and was established in its current building in 1983. It has 3 staff, 35 volunteers and a 8 member management committee. The Centre offers free community services to anyone in need that contacts the centre. It receives funding from the NSW Government, Family and Community Services (FACS) and delivers services in line with FACS Strategic Plan that is designed to ensure “Aboriginal children, families and communities thrive; all children are safe at home with their families; people are in charge of their own lives and feel a real sense of choice and control and more people have a safe and stable place to live – and their family lives, jobs, wellbeing and dignity make this possible.”


Building Foundations

Supported with $45,900 to develop supportive relationships and deeper connectivity to culturally diverse communities, especially the local Aboriginal community, through a research and training program for staff and volunteers followed by the formalisation and documentation of strategic partnerships with aligned organisations.

IRCF Priority: Strategy, People, Efficiencies

While undertaking strategic planning and a SWOT analysis, the Ulladulla and Districts Community Resource Centre identified that there was work to be done to improve the cultural sensitivity, outreach to Aboriginal communities and effectiveness of the Centre to deliver upon this area of strategic focus. This need was compounded by the impact of both the bushfires and COVID.
The Centre subsequently applied for an IRCF Startup Grant to build connectivity and engagement with the community through a series of projects to be delivered in four stages over 18 months. The grant primarily paid for training and wages for a community development worker, a role that the organisation was unable to fund themselves.
One project that was delivered as a result of this project was a community day that featured a raft race. The event was well received by the community and provided an opportunity for the Centre to increase their profile in the community.
The Centre reflected on the value of the event in bringing the community together and creating a sense of pride for the Centre:

The most successful part was the main event, it was a great family day. and our Centre is proud to have been part of that.
We have had numerous positive comments on how great it was. the atmosphere on the day was great, everyone so happy and relaxed, it seemed to put a positive cap on the disasters over the past two years. bringing everyone together and having fun.”

Building Sustainability

Supported with $3,481 to prepare the Raft Race Committee for the future with succession planning and marketing support.

IRCF Priority: People