The Dunn & Lewis Youth Development Foundation Limited

The Dunn & Lewis Youth Development Foundation has a mission of assisting young people to ‘live their best lives’ by creating opportunities for young people that will enhance their social, and emotional well-being. This is achieved through program development and hosting of outreach services. A recent achievement is their F3style employability program, which has served 51 participants, with over 50% finding local work whilst in the program.

The Dunn Lewis Youth Development Foundation was set up to provide young people with better access to services and to create more opportunities for local young people to live their best lives.
The Foundation provides:
– opportunities for youth to enhance their social, personal & vocational skills,
– a recreational facility for young people where they feel comfortable and can nurture their talents,
– and a place for inter-generational connection.
Programs have included alternative education, vocational education and employability courses, counselling and information/referral services, a technology hub, and various recreational activities.


Community Spotlight

Round 2

Supported with $10,795 to foster youth interest in community volunteering with a Youth Podcast Series. 

Connected Space

Round 3

Supported with $22,460 to develop youth employability/life skills via inspiring stories/achievements, through creating a communication strategy and building a website.