Community Connect Southern Shoalhaven

Community Connect Southern Shoalhaven is a community organisation run by volunteers for volunteers. CCSS is generously auspiced by the Milton Ulladulla Business Chamber Inc. for the benefit of the whole local community. Our goal is to help community volunteers and groups to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate through assistance, advice, information, education, and regular public meetings.


Community Connect Southern Shoalhaven

Startup Grant Round

Supported with $17,870 to enable the fragmented community sector of the Ulladulla/Milton area to better communicate, collaborate and support each other through the creation of community newsletter, website and database of organisations, events and volunteers.

Community Connect is an organisation that grew out of a desire to bring local groups together in the same room. It began when Matt Dell, a volunteer with several organisations was asked to speak at an event for volunteers. Matt decided that instead of talking, he would ask some questions, questions about the various challenges organisations were facing. What happened in response was almost magical:

“We actually solved a few of those problems in the room, and I had a lightbulb moment thinking, you know, what if we just all talked to each other… then the volunteers in our community could help ourselves and each other. ”

Matt was aware that local organisations faced many challenges, especially after the bushfires and Covid. What if there was an organisation that existed purely to connect these groups and facilitate conversations and problem solving. The idea was reinforced when FRRR facilitated a Community roadmap for the Milton-Ulladulla area.

“That roadmap became our mission statement”, Matt said. From the road mapping process, Community Connect developed a clearly defined purpose, and a connected with a community of volunteers and organisations that would benefit from the collective wisdom shared in that mapping process. Community Connect aimed to provide resources, training, support and better communication avenues for local groups and volunteers.

Once the group had a clear plan of action, they were able to apply for an ICRF grant which Matt says helped launch the group into action,
“…out of that (grant) we were able to start holding the meetings and offering services to local community groups”.

“I think it has had enormous local impact and I applaud FRRR and the grant program and everyone involved for the foresight to effectively sponsor this program through the grassroots local volunteers. It’s been fantastic.”

Community Database and Shared Campaigns

Round 1

Supported with $22,010 to enhance the marketing and communications functions of Community Connect to develop the skills and strategic focus of their members through investments in their community database, training resources & strategic planning offerings.

Information creates endless possibilities

Round 2

Supported with $20,830 to support the continuation of building connections within the community groups, assisting the the existing and new volunteers by capturing important information, to then share and create possibilities for the broader community.