Nambucca Valley Phoenix Limited

Nambucca Valley Phoenix is a community owned & operated not-for-profit. Our purpose is to maintain an inclusive place to come together to learn, earn and contribute in the joy of arts, food and community.
Come and feast your senses at The Bank Gallery & Café and enjoy freshly made food (vegan & gluten free options available), local produce, arts & crafts. Or join in an art program at the Phoenix School of Arts!


The Phoenix Rising – Strategic Plan and Mentoring

Round 1

Supported with $40,000 to support organisational sustainability and capacity by employing a strategic business planning process and structured mentoring program to help develop a social enterprise.

The organisation reflects on the impact of the project:

“We’ve completed the first draft of the strategic plan with a consultant. Until now we’ve been flying blind.
This plan is the backbone of what we want to achieve as an organisation. We wanted to stay true to our traditional roots, but make sure we’re meeting the needs of the community into the future.

We want to continue to grow sustainably and with confidence and develop a model that isn’t reliant on funding. This business plan isn’t just a roadmap into the future. It’s about giving us security and credibility with what we’re doing as an organisation.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am to the IRCF program.”

Investing in Strategy – Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise

Round 2

Supported with $47,000 to facilitate the Nambucca Valley Phoenix (NVP) coordinator position wages by building from last year’s investment in their Strategy to become a sustainable social enterprise.

As a result of this funding NVP leveraged the Social Sector Transformation Fund to undertake the Theory of Change, Impact Measurement and Pathways to Sustainability report by Social Enterprise Finance Australia. These documents were developed to assist NVP to secure financial assistance required as it rebuilt its services. NVP will utilise the SEFA report and learnings to document the social impact of the organisation and foster connections and collaborations with other organisation and funding bodies. The work done as part of this project will continue to support NVP well into the future, as they say, teach a fisherman to fish…

As a result of this project NVP has taken memberships to Philanthropic Australia, the Social Enterprise Council of NSW & Act, and is developing a relationship with Whitebox and other agencies that support the development of social enterprises through research, networking and finance. This project has led to a much deeper understanding of social enterprises and is assisting NVP to strengthen its capacity as a driver for economic development to support social wellbeing in our community.

Since starting this project NVP has leveraged more than a million dollars’ worth of project funding. These projects include much needed capital funding to replace redundant and defective infrastructure and equipment and the development of an accessible carpark, multi-year youth program funding, funding to develop arts and exhibition programs and to support our social enterprises.