Gumbaynggirr Administration Support Role

Aunty Ruth Walker along with founding jinda’s (sisters) Rita and Florence Ballangarry established MiiMi Mothers in the late 1980’s when they realised there was no support or help for Aboriginal women and families in Bowraville. With foresight, passion and energy they joined forces and encouraged the community to realise their dream of developing programs and bringing services into the community for women and their families.

IRCF Priority: People

Roadmap Connection: Sustainability, Youth Engagement

“We’ve been able to fund a role for a young Aboriginal woman Kyiah, who is great at all the admin tasks. Before she came I was doing manager, receptionist as well as admin. It was hard and I was afraid I was going to burn out.

She’s made my role much easier and freed me up to concentrate on things like funding applications. She was a bit shy at first, but she’s gained a lot of confidence. It’s so rewarding mentoring a young person and watching them grow.

This funding is really about capacity building, succession planning and sustaining MiiMi into the future.”