Leeton Community Care Development Inc

The Leeton Community Op Shop is the overarching managing group of the LCCD. LCCD’s mission is to unite community service providers, businesses and individuals in the community, under the banner of #oneleeton, #ngumbaayleeton to provide for community members in need of support.



Leeton Community Care Development Inc received $31,963 for their #oneleeton project.

The project increases organisational capacity by enabling the upgrade and purchase of vital equipment to ensure compliance and sustainability of their operations, which include cooking healthy meal packages and delivering them to those with need in the community. 

IRCF Priority: Systems

“The funding has enabled our kitchen to be more productive. We are now able to get out more meals and with more storage we can buy more bulk produce.
Having more technology with the laptop has been really good, especially during COVID.
It hasn’t only been the physical things we have received from the grant, it has also been the education, support and someone believing in what we are doing as a new organisation that has impacted us.
It has really solidified us. The people we are targeting and reaching are directly benefited by the resources we have received.
It’s more than grant money, it’s been about connection.”

Leeton Community Care Development Inc, Kim Doss and Brady Smith.