Leeton Multicultural Support Group

Registered in 2018, the Leeton Multicultural Support Group is a charity that works with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community members in Leeton Shire, ensuring their full integration and participation in vocation and life.


Operationalization of the Leeton Multicultural Group – Integrating Systems and Structures

Round 2

Supported with $150,000, over three years for the engagement of an Operations Manager to build locally led regional migration and organisational strength.

Did you know that one in fifteen people who call Leeton home, had both parents born overseas?

One of the community strengths of Leeton is how the community actively works to welcome and connect refugees and migrants, creating a cohesive and strong community fabric. The Leeton Multicultural Support Group (LMSG) is “a safe place of belonging for refugee and migrant families, and a space to connect with Leeton locals who offer support in the form of language lessons, home visiting, and organic social networks.”

Through the IRCF Grant Program, LMSG has employed a coordinator for the past three years. Ken Dachi was lucky enough to receive the role of LMSG coordinator. The role has brought planning and structure to how the Group builds sustainable partnerships – particularly with other community leaders. Creating this kind of structure has also had a positive impact on the Group’s relationship with key Government departments. Ken’s work has seen him recently receive a Welcoming Cities Impact award and guest speaking opportunities.

The organisation reflects on the impact of the grant thus far:

“We now have an overall structure and strategic focus, meaning we have connection with key community members for whom this body exists.
We have tangibly contributed to improving the number of migrant settlers in the shire and it has positioned Leeton impressively as a settlement location.
We are a respected body now linking better with other not-for-profits to deliver support for migrants.
The strategic outcome of the group is to enhance settlement outcomes for new settlers. This will continue and most of it is around jobs and social services such as medical, welfare and lifestyle support. “

Leeton Multicultural Support Group, Ken Dachi.