Leeton Connect

Leeton Connect (LC) is a Central Hub for Not for Profit Organisations within the Leeton LGA. The hub was created in 2019 in response to the FRRR roadshow and FRRR start up Grant for IRFC Rd 1. Leeton Connect’s mission is “to create cooperation and collaboration amongst Leeton Community groups to maximise their chances of being successful now and in the future”.


Connecting the Leeton NFPs Now and in the Future

Leeton Connect received $90,000 to fund Connecting the Leeton LGA Not-for-Profits Now and in the Future. The project builds organisational capacity across the Leeton not-for-profit sector through training, resources, an online community directory, and community volunteer and asset registers.

IRCF Priority: Efficiencies

We are able to strengthen and connect the not-for-profit organisations in Leeton Shire.
We have been able to get our policies and procedures, and our vision and mission set up. The funding has also enabled us to set up the central hub for not-for-profits.
We have been able to build our database, which is continually updating, and includes over 200 locally governed not-for-profits.
We are always asking the community what they need and what they want from us.
From this comes networking opportunities and opportunities for training, which strengthen the not-for-profits.
If we can work on Leeton Connect’s sustainability, this will give us the opportunity to continue the work we have been doing. “

Leeton Connect, Mary Errey