Round 3 Partnership Grants for Ulladulla

During Round 3 of the Partnership Grants for Ulladulla, five NFPs shared in $76,125 for projects to meet the goals identified in the community roadmap.

These recipients and their projects are outlined below.

StoryFest Incorporated StoryFest Sustainable Schools ProgramEncourage youth to develop a love of reading and writing, by building an ongoing sustainable financial model to host Annual Literacy Festival for school students.Ulladulla $15,000
Safe Waters Community Care Inc ASES Accreditation for financially sustainable homeless services in Ulladulla Support the expansion of homelessness service, allowing access to longer term government funding with formal Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) accreditation. Ulladulla $16,565
The Dunn & Lewis Youth Development Foundation LimitedConnected SpaceDevelop youth employability/life skills via inspiring stories/achievements, through creating a communication strategy and building a website. Ulladulla$22,460
South Coast Bookclubs IncorporatedGrowth of ServicesFoster literacy, social connections, and engagement by collaborating with three organizations, pooling resources, and providing book access locally.Ulladulla$7,200
Growing Together South Coast Incorporated Growing Stronger Together Support skills development with training in market gardening and first aid, developing e-commerce platform and sourcing funding streams for new NFP growth.Ulladulla$14,900