Toolbox Grant to upskill volunteers in marketing

Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society received a $4,916 grant through Toolbox Funding to improve the skills of NFP volunteers by holding a one-day workshop in online marketing.

This collaborative project will bolster the skills of the dedicated volunteers in the Batemans Bay non-proft sector. This financial boost is set to pave the way for a transformative one-day workshop on online marketing, benefitting not only the participating organisations, but also the communities they serve.

The workshop will arm participants with the skills required to fortify their digital presence, ultimately steering each organisation toward financial stability in the medium- to long-term.

A central goal of this initiative is to cultivate a talented pool of individuals who can offer mutual support in the journey toward bolstering the digital footprint of their respective organisations.

We will provide a 1 day workshop in online marketing to volunteers from our own and other NFPs in our region. This workshop will provide participants with the skills needed to enhance their digital presence to be able to achieve financial security in the medium- to long-term.

A key outcome of this course is to develop a skilled pool of people who can assist each other on the journey to digital enhancement of their organisation.

The grant funds will be allocated to bring in an expert trainer who will conduct two half-day workshops. The first workshop, titled “A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing,” will provide foundational insights into the world of marketing. The second, “Social Media for Creatives,” will delve into strategies for effective social media engagement. Additionally, some of the funds will be channeled toward project administration and management expenses.

The course will:

  • Explain the need for good use of screen real estate on webpages
  • Outline why branding and audience engagement are essential
  • Teach the use of Analytic tools and how they can help the organisation better understand its audience
  • Explain the importance of an online presence – covering both website and social media
  • Provide a pathway to optimisation of each organisation’s online presence
  • Introduce participants to Design Tools

The Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society firmly believe that these newfound skills will not only address their challenges of dwindling members and volunteers but also act as a catalyst for drawing more visitors to the museum, increasing product sales, and boosting attendance at their events. As they look to the future, the society envisions establishing new and robust revenue streams to reduce their reliance on grants. Their long-term aspiration includes creating job opportunities, an endeavor made feasible only through a healthier cash flow.

In a world that is increasingly digital, this grant-supported initiative serves as a beacon of hope for nonprofits seeking to thrive in the digital age. By investing in the knowledge and skills of their volunteers, the Clyde River and Batemans Bay Historical Society are taking significant strides toward a brighter and more sustainable future for their organization and the wider nonprofit community they are a part of.

What is the Toolbox of Support?

Toolbox Grants are only available to previously funded applicants to the IRCF program that are looking to lead a project that supports multiple organisations working on common capacity issues.  Funding is available through a simple rapid response grant process to respond to shared capacity issues that are present throughout the program and need to be acted on in a timely manner. You can explore the Toolbox Guidelines to see if your project can be supported through this mechanism.