Bega Valley IRCF Roadmapping June 2023

Tuesday 20 June 2023

16 participants representing a diverse range of not-for-profits across the Bega Valley came together to network; share their collective experience and knowledge and reconnect to the Investing in Rural Community Futures program (IRCF) – with the calling question:

‘How can our collective experience and knowledge strengthen the NFP sector?

Bree Morgan opened the morning with an Acknowledgement of Country. We were hosted by Mel Geltch (Campfire Coop), Carolyn Ardler, Jules Klugman, April Merrick (Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal), Chani Keefer, Leah Szanto, Bree Morgan (Bega Valley Shire Council). Leah gave an update on the IRCF program, including additions to the roadmap, NFP needs survey findings, upcoming training, Many Hands expo, approved projects, and BVSC’s Business Activator program.

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