May Evaluation – Community Insights Leeton

23 May 2023

Sally and Nicole from Matrix on Board joined Program Manager Nancy and Community Facilitator Kate in Leeton for the May program evaluation cycle.

We heard that it’s now second nature for local NFPs to work together, which is so exciting. Some other themes or things we noticed included:

  • There’s a strong sense of community spirit.
  • There is improved momentum and capacity in boards.
  • Greater desire to engage younger community members in governance roles as they are tech-savvy.
  • A desire to keep the volunteering experience fun for new faces.
  • The critical role that local Council plays in the community.
  • Priority is given to inclusion of the broader community, with an awareness of the space in which you hold events or meetings and the barriers some spaces may inadvertently create.
  • A desire to ensure governance skills can be passed on.

Thanks to everyone who took time to have input to the evaluation, and to the Leeton Show Society for hosting these events. It was a great opportunity for Nancy to see the refurbished Show Society office space, which benefitted from IRCF funding.