May Evaluation – Community Insights Junee

18 May 2023

Sally and Nicole from Matrix on Board joined Program Manager Nancy and Community Facilitator Kate in Leeton for the May program evaluation cycle.

This session was all about exploring the impacts of the program and starting to think about what’s next, as the program starts to wind down. Some of the points made included:

  • Several significant events have impacted Junee’s evolving identity.
  • Gratitude towards IRCF and reflection on the advantages of the program. “Our confidence has increased because FRRR has had faith in us and supported our step up.”
  • A Senior Citizens member referenced how the program has activated their hall and they now have “bookings five days a week”.
  • Partnerships to support local events have increased.
  • Importance of volunteerism in Junee.
  • The benefit of the coordination role funded through the IRCF program and that a standout function has been disseminating information as a great communication channel.
  • An acknowledgement that there will always be some aspects of community that are hard to shift and some community members still face barriers to engaging in the sector and accessing community support services.
  • Priorities in Junee are on governance, fundraising, financial sustainability, facilitator support and the handover of the roadmap.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to attend. Pictured are the Senior Citizens members outside their hall, they were superb hosts and it was wonderful to see their gorgeous little hall in the centre of town now has new solar panels thanks to the IRCF program.