Bay & Basin Facilitator Appointed

Hello, I am Kate McBride, the Shoalhaven Bay and Basin Community Facilitator for FRRR. I have lived on Yuin Country for over 20 years, and bring over 15 years experience in capacity building and community engagement within not-for-profits (NFPs), grassroots community organisations and local government sectors.

My role is to support the Bay & Basin NFPs to build relationships, connect across Bay & Basin and work together on seeing through the Community Roadmap to successful completion of a shared vision for Bay & Basin. The vision of the Investing in Rural Community Futures program (IRCF) with the financial support of the Snow Foundation, VFFF, Bendigo Bank and Australian Government is to deliver stronger organisations for a stronger Bay and Basin Community.

Contact me on 0400 243 009 or ircfbay&

My work days are Tuesday and Friday.