Nambucca Valley Community Evaluation

November Evaluation Event Highlights

An important part of FRRR’s Investing in Rural Community Futures Program (IRCF) is an evaluation process that has occurred every 6 months since 2020. The focus of this work is to try to capture the impact of the program at a community level and the journey of each funded organisation. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the funded organisations who took part in the process in November and for those who shared their perspectives at the community workshop.

“If we want grants, we have to work together.”

“How do we find an intergenerational common ground?”

“By caring for Country, we care for community.”

It was fantastic to see a high representation from Aboriginal organisations as well as young and emerging leaders. When reflecting on the community’s readiness to change workshop participants commented on significant shifts and collaborations, as well as a sense that there is much more work to be done.

What participants hope to be able to maintain beyond the IRCF programs culmination in 2023.

  • A neutral coordinating facilitator role.
  • Ongoing support to maintain collaboration.
  • A fundraising mechanism.
  • Community events that foster a sense of belonging, contribution and working together.

Nambucca Valley NFP Roadmap Priorities & Updates

  • Community engagement through weekly meals – gathering/meetings to foster sense of belonging, community betterment and contribution.
  • Organisations to create a “job” within to liaise with other organisations.
  • Developing ways to create common ground through caring for country.
  • Delivery of grant writing workshops.
  • A framework around raising and maintaining young leaders.