Round 4 Partnership Grants for Leeton

Three organisations shared in over $150,000 in funding in the 2022 IRCF Leeton Grant Round. These recipients and their projects are outlined below.

Leeton Connect Inc.Grants Support Coordinator and Collaboration Consultant.Consolidating strategic objectives and symmetries across the Leeton NFP sector to inform grants support coordination and future partnershipsLeeton$56,570
Leeton Jumpstart Fund IncorporatedThe Transformation of Leeton JumpStart FundOperationalizing strategy, diversifying revenue, and upskilling volunteers to future proof the Leeton Jumpstart FundLeeton$38,980
Leeton Business Chamber IncorporatedBuilding Capacity of the Volunteer Base to Ensure Sustainability and Business Continuity.Strengthening Leeton Business Chamber through supported coordination of the new Leeton digital hub, volunteer training, governance enhancements and maintaining partnerships.Leeton$60,000