Funding Boost for Capacity Building in Bay & Basin, Nowra and Ulladulla

NFPs in Bay & Basin, Nowra and Ulladulla will receive additional support and capacity building opportunities thanks to funding from the Australian Government’s Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Program.

The additional investment means that even more of the ideas and initiatives identified through the IRCF program to continue the ongoing recovery following the Black Summer bushfires can be implemented across the Shoalhaven region. This includes additional community facilitator positions, collaborative training opportunities and more.

Excitingly, this funding boost has allowed the IRCF program in Ulladulla and Nowra to expand to include Lake Conjola and Kangaroo Valley respectively. NFPs in these communities will now be eligible to participate in the IRCF program and benefit from opportunities to work collaboratively with other nearby NFPs.

The funding provided an opportunity for the Kangaroo Valley NFPs to come together for a roadmapping session, and consider how they could develop a stronger NFP sector. The images below show some of the road mapping work in action.