Round 2 Partnership Grants in Junee

Round 2 of the Partnership Grants for Junee were announced November 2021. This round was the third year of the IRCF program in Junee.

Six projects in Junee were successful in their application, sharing in almost $390,000. These recipients and their projects are outlined below.

Junee Business & Trades IncorporationAppoint a Grants Officer & Community Event Promoter, and conduct a trial of a Community Newsletter.The funding request is to continue support to the Junee NFPs through the appointment of a Grants Officer position and strengthen the long-term sustainability of Junee Business & Trades.Junee$118,959
Junee Community Centre Inc.Subsidy for Centre ManagerTo subsidise the position of the JCC Manager to work on the business freeing up time to work on compliance, reputation and sustainability of the organisation.Junee$140,000
Junee Community Power IncJunee Community Circular Fund (JCCF)To support Junee NFPs solve energy wastage and promote efficiencies to increase community confidence and generate working examples to create awareness of how communities can solve energy problems.Junee$47,508
Junee Hostel for the Aged Inc.Modernise Aged Care for JuneeThis project seeks to modernise Corinda Courts aged care systems by installing new technology to improve management of medication systems, clinical care records and communication.Junee$49,706
Regional Heritage Transport Assoc Junee IncorporatedMoving the Junee Roundhouse Museum into the 21st Century.This project seeks to modernise the Regional Heritage Transport Assoc – Junee by installing new technology.Junee$25,724
Riverina Working Equitation IncorporatedIllabo Showground combined user group Strategic PlanningThe Illabo Showground combined user group will come together to develop a strategy for the future sustainability of the grounds.Illabo$3,580