Nambucca Valley Roadmap Review

The Nambucca Valley Community Roadmap aims to identify local not-for-profit needs that align with the IRCF programs Priority Areas and the programs intention to strengthen how not-for profit organisations function and support sustainability.  The roadmap articulates the steps required to guide the sector in achieving shared goals. 

The purpose of a roadmap is to both guide the local not-for-profit sector to better understand how it can be sustained into the future and to inform how IRCF funds are invested for the duration of the program.  

The first Nambucca Valley Community Roadmap was developed when the IRCF program kicked off in the Nambucca Valley in 2020, and served as a guide for the 2020 Round 1 Grants. Following the implementation of the projects funded in Round 1, the roadmap review process provided an opportunity for the community and NFP sector to provide input into the priorities for the next period of the IRCF program.

The 2021 Roadmap Review was undertaken online due to restrictions on gatherings as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.