Community Roadmap Workshop for Nowra

An illustration of a text box asking how can we create stronger nowra organisations for a stronger community

In June 2020, a range of volunteers, board members and team members from not-for-profit organisations in the Nowra area came together to consider the question: How can we create stronger organisations for a stronger community?

Across two sessions on 1st and 17th June, staff from FRRR with support from Campfire Coop, hosted a workshop with these attendees to explore a shared vision for what projects are needed to strengthen Nowra’s community organisations.

These first workshops were then followed by a Sensemaking Workshop on 23rd June to find patterns in the ideas contributed at the first workshops. This optional 6-hour session was designed for a smaller group of NFP leaders who wanted to work more closely with FRRR and facilitators Campfire Coop to develop the detail of the Nowra Community Roadmap.

The information harvested during these conversations was then drafted into the Community Roadmap, which will be backed with grants and expert support through the IRCF program through to 2024.