Round 2 Partnership Grants for Leeton

Round 2 of the Partnership Grants for Leeton were announced in August 2020.

In this round of the partnership grants, four projects in Leeton were successful in their application, sharing in $276,963 in funds. These recipients and their projects are outlined below.

Leeton Community Care Development Inc#oneleeton #ngumbaayleetonIncrease organisational capacity by enabling the upgrade and purchase of vital equipment to ensure compliance and sustainability of #oneleeton operations. Leeton$31,963
Leeton Shire Council Leeton Multicultural Support Group IncOperationalization of the Leeton Multicultural Group - Integrating Systems and StructuresThe project will enable the recruitment of an Operations Manager. The purpose of this role is to build organisational strength in the Leeton Multicultural Group. The position will concentrate on developing, policies and procedures, a financial management framework, governance, and compliance scaffolding to support the organisation through a period of growth. This will be granted in full for the $150,000 but over 3 years of the grant’s budget. Leeton$150,000
Roxy Community Theatre Rotary Club of Leeton IncStep - Up Leeton: Building Capacity from the ground upRespond to volunteer fatigue by building a diverse volunteer bank for the Leeton community by providing new pathways for partnerships and learning. Leeton$35,000
Leeton Shire Council Western Riverina Arts IncLeeton Museums DevelopmentIncrease the capacity of 6 Museums in the Leeton region by funding the employment of a Museum Development Officer to provide pathways to sustainability. This will be granted in full for the $60,000 but over 3 years of the grants budget. Leeton$60,000